Small Business Ideas in Gurgaon

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Small Business Ideas in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is known as Millennium City due to its tremendous growth in infrastructure and people’s luxurious lives. Many rich people who once lived in Delhi are living in Gurgaon posh areas now. Startups and IT companies are choosing Gurgaon instead of Delhi to start their businesses. 

The city’s rapid growth is MNCs, the IT industry, Shopping malls, and real estate companies which are welcomed by every government to invest without any disturbances of legal issues. Next-generation youth whose ancestors are landlords here believe in investing in every possible business opportunity in Gurgaon to expand their family-owned business.

Here in this article, you will get to know about many Low investment business opportunities in Gurgaon.

1. Partner with a Wholesaler

If you are an Internet person and highly active on social media, you can quickly do this kind of business. You have to sell the products of the wholesaler online. You can start it from Gurgaon Sadar Bazar wholesalers, talk to big traders who deal in clothing, and discuss how you can bring them more sales on the internet.

Everyone in the market wants more and more sales to grow their business. You can convince by telling them they don’t have to invest any single penny in it; you are giving them online sales by selling it on various social media platforms. Wholesalers have to pack the product and deliver it to the customer’s address. Like this, you can tie up with many traders who deal with different apparel.

This business is similar to dropshipping, but in this process, you are meeting directly with the product seller to start your side business in Gurgaon, which makes it easier to create. However, when you start getting plenty of orders and have a good understanding of all the marketing, you can start your Ecom store with your own label or brand.

Investment Range – Smartphone with good camera and internet.
Risk – No Risk.

2. Home Solutions Providers

From living in one BHK flats to Bungalow everyone needs a plumber, carpenter, painter, electricians, gardeners, and pest controller from time to time. People nowadays are very busy with their work, and they always want readily available solutions to their problems. If you work on this idea to provide local services to these working couples, you can turn this idea into a business in Gurgaon.

Make connections with local service providers and make a directory for yourself with their serving area. You can create an App or Website to provide your services to the customers.

Investment Range: Make a website/ App. Promotion cost.
Risk – Low Risk.

3. Domestic Help Provider 

Finding maids, nanny, driver, security guards with no criminal background and genuine identity is a big challenge in the millennium city. You can make an agency to provide domestic help to people who are in need. Ensure you recruit only verified helpers with district magistrate verified profiles to avoid any services problems to your clients. Further, you can convert it into a well-established recruiting firm.

Investment Range: Make a website/ App. Promotion cost.
Risk – Low Risk.

4. Food Stall in Industrial Areas

Food stalls are always a less investment and high-profit business in Gurgaon. With more than one lac private companies in SEZ like Cyber City, Infotech City, Udyog Vihar, where most employees depend on food stalls for breakfasts and lunch. Food items range from Rs.30 to Rs.80 to become pocket-friendly for those who earn less than 20k per month. Food Stall or Food cart is one of the Best small business ideas in Gurgaon to start with low investment to make money.

Investment Range – Buying a cart and utensils.
Risk – Medium Risk.

5. Job Consultant

Gurgaon city is the largest IT hub and various export houses which need employees to work. It is a challenging task for the company’s HR to hire a good candidate for the company on daily basis. You can make this a business opportunity in Gurgaon to provide staffing to the companies. Many youths came from UP, Bihar, and various parts of India in searching for jobs to build a career. In starting, you can visit different companies to know vacancy details after that you can start a job portal for employees and employers. You can charge employers to find suitable candidates for them

Investment Range: Build a Job Portal.
Risk – Medium Risk.

Low Cost Business Ideas with High Profit

6. Sell your Services

 The demand for Writers, Interior designers, website developers, photographers, fitness trainers, yoga teachers in Gurgaon is always increasing. Start selling any of the services which you know well.

Consequently, start learning other skills from Youtube or by reading blogs if you want to expand your services more. You can efficiently train yourself within a few weeks and start selling your freelance services to needful people. Freelancing gives you the flexibility to work in more than one different field to earn more for yourself.

Investment Range: Invest in your skill development by a reputed institute to get hired quickly.
Risk – No Risk.

7. Create an Online Ladies Tailor Marketplace

Most ladies prefer tailor-made suits and lehengas fitting according to herself. Females are always in search of good tailors who can make their clothes perfectly fit as they want. Even rich ladies also used to wear tailor-made clothes.

You can consider it as a small business idea in Gurgaon and make a significant opportunity for your startup. Many ladies sew clothes for their customers from their homes only to earn money; they are a hidden talent of India. Discuss your business idea with them and tell them how they can earn more. However, I suggest you make an online platform to bring all of them together in one place to make it efficient. This idea has a very high potential if you explore it more. In addition, you can also provide them with pick up and delivery of clothes.

Investment Range: Make a Website and Spend on Online Paid Ads.
Risk – Low Risk.

8. Cloud Kitchen or Online Bakery

Many people want to start restaurants or fast food stores, but it requires a very high investment. Cloud kitchen is the best alternative for those who want to start their business in foods with low or medium investment. You can set up a small kitchen dedicated to food delivery. Initially, you can buy only urgently required equipment to start your cloud kitchen business.

It will be better if you learn cooking for some dishes to reduce the cost of employees considering this article is dedicated to low investment business opportunities in Gurgaon. If you have enough budget to spend on employees, you can hire the cook for your business.

Now get listed your kitchen or brand on different Online Food delivery platforms with the best offers you want to delight your customers. However, to earn more profit you can start delivering yourself.

Similarly you can start an online bakery business which is also somewhat same.

The benefits of Cloud kitchen are that you don’t have to pay rent, no spending on designing your restaurant to attract customers. You have to focus on marketing your product.

Investment Range – Buying kitchen equipment and hiring 1-2 employees.
Risk – Medium Risk.

9. Pet Sitting

With annual growth of 35%, the pet care market size is USD 1.22B. If you love pets, you can work on this small business idea in Gurgaon. As the city ranks in the top 5 cities of pet lovers in India, and the number is increasing day by day. Pet lovers keep their loved ones healthy and treat as their family member and when they go outside, they hand it over to pet boardings. These boardings are taking care of food, walking, and exercise of the pets.

Pet owners are ready to pay reasonable amounts for their pet love. You can charge according to the market rate. In other words, converting an idea into a big opportunity is based on how you see the market.

Investment Range – Buying of pet toys and food.
Risk – No Risk.

10. Kids Care Services

These services involve a lot of responsibility and serious commitments as you have to take care of other’s children.

Child care services are on the rise due to nuclear families where both mother and father are going to work. This is a big challenge for parents who work in hospitality or shift-wise jobs to always be with their kids. They always look for family-based kids care services where their child can stay safely and happily.

If you are planning to start a kid’s day boarding school, register your school to gain customers’ trust. However, you should hire a nanny to take care of the kids’ food and cleanliness. When parents hand over a child to you, it’s your responsibility to take care of the child’s overall development and well-being. You can turn this Small Business Idea in Gurgaon into a business opportunity.

Buy toys, playhouses, and toy cars for kids to involve them in activities. In addition, you can also provide a pick and drop facility for the kids.

Investment Range – Buying toys and hiring a nanny.
Risk – Medium Risk.

11. Online Tuition

In this pandemic, student’s education is at high risk due to school closure. Parents worried about both the health and education of their children. You can start teaching kids subjects in which you are perfect. After that, you can hire teachers for various subjects and start promoting your business to grab more students.

The education sector is always a no-loss business as there is a massive demand for tuitions and coaching. The market size of online education is going to INR 360 Billion; if you try and work hard into this field, you can also earn some part of the enormous market.

Investment Range – Buying equipment for live video classes.
Risk – Low Risk

12. Sell Handcrafted and Homemade Decor Items

Most people living in the city love to decorate their house with antiques and luxury decor items, but the prices are too high that everyone can buy. The alternative solution for home decor lovers is handcrafted and homemade items that are pocket-friendly. 

You can start selling homemade decor items on social media and your website. Initially, you can buy 1-2 pieces for 7-8 items with a low investment. Social media is the best place to sell handcrafted items. People get excited when they see decor items on social media which they tend to buy instantly. You can try this idea to earn money.

Investment Range – Buying a few items to start.
Risk – Medium Risk.

In Conclusion, Doing business with initially low investment can reduce risks and fewer chances of loss. No one perfectly started their first business; all have to take some risks and investments. Above all ideas are practically possible to make the business opportunities in Gurgaon or any city of India.

Start with a self-question about which business you want to start and the resources you have currently available. Make a written plan with your strategies and budget. Writing the complete plan gives you confidence about your strong points and weak points.

Taking the first step in business needs courage and willpower. I wish you good luck with your new business. For any assistance for digital marketing and website development for your business, please visit our contact us page.


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