How to start online business from home in India

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STEP ONE: Identify your Idea                                                                                

The first step is to identify what kind of online business from home in India you want to start, whether Product-based or Service-based.

Product-based – It involves physical Product and shipment. 

Service-based – it can be like Blogging, Content Writer, Selling Photos, Web Developer, Social Media Manager, affiliate marketing, and many more opportunities arising as the internet grows in India. We will understand both later in this article.

Till now, only 30% of Indians are connected to the internet, so you can imagine the vast opportunities coming in a few years.

In this pandemic, many sellers came online and understood the benefit of an online business presence.
So take the decision and start your online business by getting complete information from this article. Here you get the full procedure of starting an online business from home in India with practical procedure.

STEP TWO : Competitors and Pain

Now research the existing business you are thinking of starting. Make a Google sheet or excel sheet and noted down all the website links with their business module and products or services.

Identify the loopholes and pain points in your competitor’s business, and make that a big opportunity for you. Many times it’s not possible to find the loopholes, then you have to find different strategies to overtake your competitor’s business. Better to find how your product/service is different from others.

Let’s understand how Chayoos opened a big opportunity for their online chai delivery business, Uclean- an online laundry business. You can learn from these businesses that anyone can turn any business online. The problem of many people is we are not taking any step forward for how to start online business from home in India.

STEP THREE : How to register my online business

This is the very important and simple step that many of you think registering a small company or proprietorship is a big challenge as it requires govt registration but believe me, it’s not. Even I did not visit any of the govt offices to register my firm.

Nowadays, everything is online; you can register your proprietorship in Udyog Aadhaar as an MSME enterprise, and after that apply for a GST number; yes, that also registers online. It is easier than creating a Facebook account.

Why do you need to register your online business?

If you genuinely want to start a business, then you must register it as it requires in GST fillings, and many of the online Ad accounts need a GST number to start. So better to legalize your business and have an expansion vision.  Open the Current Account that is optional, and you can open it after some time also.

STEP FOUR: Build an Attractive Website

Now buy a domain name from Goddady or hostinger, or anywhere else where you get a discount.

Then build a beautiful, attractive website about your business. Website is the face of your business, it’s the first impression to your online customer that’s why it was told to invest in your website to make it look very professional.

Steps to build a perfect website :

Buy a domain name and hosting.

Now Install WordPress and start building the web pages.

Don’t forget to index your website on Google.

Installing Google Analytics and the Facebook pixel is necessary to track your website visitors.

For Product based Online Business:

If you are thinking of starting any product-based online business, you should make inventory ready, but it will cost you more to maintain the inventory. The bypass of this problem is contacting local vendors like manufacturers or wholesalers, meeting them to discuss your business plan with them, and buying 2-3 sample orders. And Start listing your products on your website.

How will you do shipment for online business from home in India?

There are many shipment companies available in every town like shiprocket, pickrr and many more.

Register on their website with a very minimum cost may be Rs.200 to Rs.500. Whenever you receive orders on your website, pack the parcel, and order on the shipment company website, they will pick the parcel from your house only you don’t have to go anywhere.

Yes, there is also option cash on delivery customers don’t worry about that. If a customer returns any product that these shipment companies will also manage, they check the Product before picking from the customer end.

For Service based online Business:

Hire the service providers on a commission basis. Let’s understand if you want to give Service based on Home solutions, make contact with plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, mason, and local contractors.

Whenever you receive orders for any home solutions services requirements, you can transfer these leads to the local vendors. Can you imagine how much potential this business has?

Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, where working couples are live, face the most common problem of finding these kinds of service providers. So you can also make it a big opportunity.

How can I promote my online business from home in India?

Don’t worry; this blog is the complete guide for How to start online business from home in India, whether he is living in a village or town.

Make your GMB (Google My Business) Account; it will attract local customers. As a recent survey suggested, 46% of all Google searches are local. It’s very necessary also as it gains customers’ trust as well.

List your business in Local Listings platforms i.e., Just Dial, Sulekha.

Create a Facebook page and group for your business. Start writing blogs for your website to gain more potential customers for your business. If you underestimate the power of blogs, look at Myntra Blogs, Flipkart Blogs, and Amazon Blogs. In 2021, there are people who love to read blogs, so why are you missing those precious customers?

Now come to PAID Marketing

Yes, SEO is the basic need of a website to gain customers, but if you want to penetrate the market, you have to take help from paid campaigns. These tools will help your business to track your customers back to your offer from remarketing strategies.

How PPC helps in local business?

Let’s understand how my agency helps a local Halwai in his catering business. Can you imagine how PPC helps to grow my client in his business in Noida with just Rs.796 for 3 months only?

how to start online business from home in india

I have created a “Call campaign” for him, meaning whenever a customer searches for keywords like halwai near me, catering services in noida, halwai in noida and many more… Our website link will appear on the first or second rank with phone number and customers directly call the vendor.

He acquired many customers for catering services and generated around 3 to 5 lac rupees. Isn’t it amazing for clients? Of Course, it’s a wonderful thing for any small business owner. 

It’s like from Rs.3.81 (Cost per click -CPC), he got customers worth 50K to 80K.

When I got the call from this client (catering owner), and he told me that he gained a lot of business from my campaign, I was very happy, and yes, I am proud of myself that I have acquired very new skills.

Now came to Facebook Ads Marketing.

Facebook allows you to reach the maximum number of people at a very low cost, but it will not assure you that all are potential customers; you have to refine them by making a funnel. We call it the digital marketing sales funnel.

I missed the very important step to write at First – The first step is to take action. Without taking action with full willpower, you cannot turn your idea into a successful business.

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