How Real Estate Digital Marketing Generates More Leads

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In the recent few years, marketing technology has changed the relationship between home-buyers and real estate developers. Real estate digital marketing creates valuable connections with buyers before they visit where the property exists. These strategies build a significant impact on buyers as they are well versed in your projects and authenticity. As a result, the real estate agents have more interested buyers to which convert into more sales.

Digital Marketing in Real Estate Business

Digital marketing is the marketing activities implemented through various digital channels such as Search, Social network, Email, mobile, and website to reach more audience. Therefore it creates brand awareness, loyalty, and potential leads, thus bring more sales.

Benefits of Digital marketing for Real Estate Developers


After all, real estate projects are expensive for any real estate developer; if adding traditional marketing costs, they will rise more. Internet marketing is very cheap, unlike traditional marketing, which ends with low sales. However, traditional marketing teams also have their importance because the prospect will buy homes from humans, not the internet. 

Moreover, the cost of Real estate digital marketing campaigns can be controlled manually. If the performance reaches the ultimate objective, one can reduce the budget slowly to be more effective. On the other hand, it can be increased if not achieving results.


In reality, customers believe more in online reputation and a strong presence on the internet. Branding your real estate business can change how people perceive your brand, and it will drive more prospects to your business. It brings you recognition in the competitive market.

Branding your business generates values in customer’s thoughts which bring more sales in future projects as well. This makes it a more attractive investment opportunity because of its firmly established place in the market.

Increase Reach:

With the technology evolution, we get accessed to reach more and more customers as well as the accurate targeting we need for our business. For instance, by Google ads and Facebook ads, you can efficiently market people aging from 38 to 65+ with high earnings and look for new homes. We can create different strategies by considering different factors. You can hit any demographic.

Performance Track & Analysis:

 Real estate digital marketing gives you exposure to tracking every activity happening on your website which helps you in the final analysis of campaigns.
After all, analyzing the results is very important to realize the actual benefit of digital marketing. It tracks your customer behavior, like how they are reaching our marketing advertisements., what actions they are taking after viewing your ads. It helps in the long run to understand the audience behavior, so we can make needful changes to attract more conversions.

Qualified Leads:

How good it was if a shopkeeper knows about his customer’s thoughts and potential to buy? Similarly, in this manner, you can bring more exciting prospects. As a result, the salesman has to make fewer efforts to convert them into sales.

Home-Buyer’s Journey:

90% buyers start with search which they consider to buy in future. Furthermore, if the amount they have to pay is too high, they research more on the internet. After all, it can be their whole life savings.

The search engines (Google), Youtube, social media platforms, forums, websites, mobile apps, maps impact the customer journey most. No one buys real estate properties from the Internet like Amazon shopping. When all the digital channels market a prospect altogether to make him educated about your project, ultimately, they start showing interest by calling us directly or leaving the contact details we asked for in our real estate ads.

Home buyer's journey
Home Buyer’s Journey in Real Estate Digital Marketing

Step by Step Guide for Real Estate Digital Marketing

1. Create a Website : 

A website is a place where you can interact with your customers, as it is the face of your real estate business. Hence it should be professional and minimalist options. Don’t give your customers more options to navigate and your call to action is visible so that customers easily take action. It should be responsive, mobile-friendly, and SEO-friendly as well. Your web pages act as a Landing page where prospects know about your company’s products and the values you provide.

2. Make Social Media presence on all networks: 

Never ignore the power of social media. Create social media accounts on every possible network, and it brings more authenticity. Whenever people interact with any products or services they are interested in buying, they start researching more. Let‘s have a look at stats.

Facebook: 2.8 Billion monthly active users.

Instagram: 1+ Billion monthly active users.

Pinterest: 460 Million monthly active users.

Twitter: 360 Million monthly active users.

Why are you missing out on reaching this vast audience? Make sure to provide valuable content to your customers regularly. Although constantly posting related to your products only makes a wrong impression on customers. However, you can make emotional touch stories around your product or services. Stories bring more and more conversions and increase brand awareness.

Engaging your customers more on social media generates personal and emotional touch. To understand well, have look at the Samsung commercial launched in 2016, which is loved by many people.

3. Educate your customers by blogs

Writing for your customer’s benefits and resolving their problems always tends to build a high reputation for your business in customers’ eyes.

Creating meaningful and high-quality content to resolve customer problems increases engagement and motivates your readers to come back again and again. These kinds of strategies are implemented to build trust for your business or organizations. 

You will never successfully convert your prospects without earning their trust. Gaining the trust of your customers will always help in the long run to sustain your company through economic fallout, challenges from competitors, and situation-specific crises.

4. Sell Offer

Start selling offers, not products. Customers love offers and high benefits on their investments. Please give them a No Brain Offer, for example, to save more money than the perceived worth of a product by showing the future benefits. Discounts and Deals attract more prospects; however, you can provide Return on Investment benefits as an Offer in the Real Estate business.

5. Talk to your customers in their regional language: 

With diverse multi-cultural and multi-language existence in the nation, people feel more comfortable talking in their preferred languages. It can give you better results if you use any regional influencers in your campaigns.

How to create Real Estate Ads for Digital Marketing

#1. Video Marketing:  

The impact of Videos is 1000 times more than an image. Using Videos in Ad format brings more conversions. For real estate ads, videos can explain the entire property with its features and benefits for the long term; with this in mind; you can gain customers’ trust. Similarly, you can tell your customers about how to invest safely. Additionally, show them the future fruit they will be going to get after investing in your offered property. In essence, Video marketing in real estate gives your unexceptional results.

#2. Display Marketing:

It is similar to billboards and hoardings used for promotion purposes. But online display marketing is different from traditional billboards in many ways. After all, it comes under digital marketing more than how we can forget its cost-effectiveness. 

The three most important feature of Online Display Marketing is below: 

 Benefit #1:   Targeted Audience : 

You can display your ads to specific demographics who are searching for such as investments, real estate, new homes, flats, and many more. It is a very effective feature of display advertising.

Benefit #2:  Remarket : 

It is imperative to realize the power of remarketing because no one buys products in a single view; you have to regularly show your ads after some time interval to remind the audience about your product. More significantly, display remarketing recalls the message viewed on the original website and displays reminder ads throughout the web session.

Benefit #3:   Build Brand Value:

When prospects see your Ads regularly on the web, whatever they are surfing on the internet, it creates an urge to know about your brand. When you start grabbing attention from the display ads, users want to visit your website and know about your offer.

#3. Search Ads: 

Indeed, you can show your website page link directly to the customers who are searching for some specific keywords on search engines.

 For example, most people search for “new flats under 45 lac” , “newly built homes in 1 crore”.

You can create such campaigns which target audiences based on keywords. This also brings better conversions as you can remarket them who clicked on your search ads.

In Conclusion:

Real estate digital marketing can bring you more prospects that are nurtured well. Digital campaigns are very cost-effective as you can refine your audiences based on purchasing behavior. It can increase your brand visibility which in turn gains more customer trust.

Consequently, you can generate custom audiences based on various factors such as who visited your landing page, filled your contact form, viewed different web pages, and many more. If you are willing to start such kind of marketing, you can ask us for more help. Our team is ready to create such kinds of marketing strategies.

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