Learn How Your Favourite Brands Use Marketing Strategies to Grow Their Business

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#1. Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

Well, I call it “Surprise Marketing” by Unconventional style which makes people remember for a longer period. Some marketing experts also call it Low Cost or No-Cost Marketing because of its ROI (Return on Investment). Also, it involves the viral spread through social media as people start taking pictures from their phones. The key element of this Guerrilla marketing is to connect with consumer emotions. Guerrilla marketing is one of the top 10 Unique Marketing strategies, which is placed in areas where it was noticed by many people like crowded markets, shopping malls, sports events, or any other crowded public place. The most important factor which plays a very influential role is minimal text with a big message.

Some of the Indian brands have also used this kind of marketing. This kind of marketing practice will make you different from your competitor. Moreover, guerrilla marketing can be cost-effective for small business owners, especially if they want to create a viral marketing phenomenon. Even though you cannot get an instant increase in sales or leads, it brings instant brand awareness, which helps you in the long run and makes your business sustainable.

10 Unique Marketing Strategies: Learn from Your Favourite Brands
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Guerrilla marketing is a practical approach for b2b marketing strategy also. Let me make it more relatable, considering you want to advertise your service or product. Choose a crowded market area like Chandni Chowk or Lajpat Nagar. Think about your marketing message in a social way that is sure not to be sold.

#2. Social Responsible Marketing

I will say it is Indirect marketing As its purpose is not to sell anything. This marketing approach is used to enhance the quality of life; this impacts the customers to contribute to society positively. In this marketing practice, businesses solve the significant challenges of their employees, economy, culture, and environmental problems that impact the community level. Moreover, this kind of marketing grabs instant attention from all types of media.

You are thinking of – why we have used the term “marketing” here when it is socially responsible.
Yes, you are thinking correct, but this practice enhances your brand awareness.

Even small businesses should use this kind of marketing if they want to grab the media’s attention towards your business existence.

Using real-life examples, Zomato is a well-known online food delivery platform providing 26 weeks of parental leaves to its employees. Bharti Airtel gives six months long leaves for personal and education purposes. MakeMyTrip sends their employees to work with NGOs for social causes.

#3. Social Marketing​

Here I want to break the complete word as “Social” refers to society, and “marketing” refers to sending the message to your audience. Whenever the word social comes, your message should involve the community for better marketing campaign results. In addition, you can create and share the content which your consumers relate to their daily lives.

Although you can touch the real-life myths and taboos to make society aware and send the message for change, the objective of social marketing should bring a change for the betterment of individuals or society as a whole.

Check out how Prega News touched its audience with a short story to society in a very positive manner. The campaign objective is focused on the choice of boys over girls in contrast to the health of the baby.

#4. Emotional Marketing

This unique marketing strategy is a game-changer for businesses that want to increase their brand awareness. This marketing aims to touch your emotions; as we all know, emotions are powerful forces. As a marketer, if you feel your audience’s emotions, you can easily influence their buying decisions and urge them to buy. We as humans are very emotional towards our loved ones and families. This marketing approach slated around touching the emotions of personal relations.

Psychologists have found in research, humans feel first and think later. Therefore, when humans contact any information that triggers their emotions, they can remember it for longer unknowingly. However, if you want to impact your marketing strategy significantly, you’ll need to make sure your campaign is honest, and your audience feels more personalised. Emotional marketing may differ geographically as languages and cultures also play a significant role in this marketing approach. 

Which emotion are you triggering from your Emotional marketing campaign? Different emotions have a particular impact on the marketing campaign.

  1. Happiness: If your campaign revolves around laughter, you will get more shares, likes, retweets, and comments. Mostly this strategy brings good results for brand awareness and brand recall value.
  2. Sadness: Companies use this marketing strategy to increase their sales because this approach triggers them to click on the call to action button.
  3. Fear/Surprise: This marketing strategy works well when the company wants to bring environmental changes that affect everyone globally. For example, messages can be for water conservation, less use of fuels which produce air pollution, climate changes etc.
  4. Anger/Disgust: This approach revolves around injustice to humans or animals, which shows the results that we are ignoring knowingly. The best examples are women safety, inequality and cruelty against animals.

#5. Storytelling Marketing

This kind of marketing involves narrating the message to communicate with your consumers and humanise the brand. The goal of this approach is to make your consumers feel something and inspire them to take action.

People remember facts and figures 22 times more, but storytelling boosts the conversion rates by 30%.

The top digital marketers Neil Patel said that 62% of B2B marketers prefer storytelling as a successful content marketing strategy.

However, in simple terms, storytelling is the act of sharing the stories about your brand in such a way so that people can relate to the story. To be sure here, storytelling is not about selling your product but building trust about your brand.

Create a funny or humour short story that is simple but focuses on one problem for which the solution is given in the end with a heart-touching lesson. Ultimately at the end of the story, people feel it is funny and remember it for longer. Therefore, your account should be authentic, do not copy from other marketers.

#6. Undercover Marketing

This type of marketing promotes the product or services secretly to the people. The purpose of this approach is to create brand awareness around the product. Advertisement placement plays a big role in this type of marketing.

Undercover marketing is also called the subset of Guerrilla marketing. One more important thing about these kinds of marketing are, they need not be placed everywhere. Unlike when they are placed at one place for advertising, the rest of the work will be done by the people when they start noticing humour and love to share with others to see it.

The best promoters for making advertisements go viral are people who feel good to share with others. That’s why undercover marketing is made considering all the factors to make it a good humour and not be annoying to anyone in any form.

Make sure the advertisement should be less in text. Many times this strategy is used for movie promotions before the launch to make a buzz around it.

Small companies also use this marketing approach by making brand awareness about your products or services. Choose a place to advertise. Find a smart idea to make it beneficial to others, don’t be a seller. Remember you are creating a buzz around your product, not selling your product. Lets understand from an example, How Axe Deodorant used the Exit sign boards for their promotion.

10 Unique Marketing Strategies: Learn from Your Favourite Brands

#7. Moment Marketing

With evolution of digital marketing and trends, marketing strategies are also changing according to time. Likewise moment marketing is also a newly evolved marketing approach which takes advantage of the trending events and reacts spontaneously with time to make more buzz around their brand. 

The results of this type of marketing are also very beneficial as you can get a high amount of engagement with campaigns. 

To find which event should be used for moment marketing, you should watch the engagement level of trending topics and check the comments of people and their reaction. To utilise the full potential of moment marketing you should use all the digital marketing channels to bring more traction to your campaign.

This kind of marketing tactic is a good approach to make your products or services visible to the audience who are continuously searching for the trending events content. Mostly events related to movies, serials, politicians speech, or any viral news related to the country works well as these information touch the sentiments of the people.

10 Unique Marketing Strategies: Learn from Your Favourite Brands

#8. PR Marketing

This unique marketing strategy enhances and maintains the brand’s reputation by publishing articles in newsletters and magazines. It can be related to any special services or initiative for employee benefits which you want to show to the maximum number of people. 

The purpose of this marketing strategy is to build the company’s reputation instead of increasing direct sales.

PR marketing is one of the most effective methods to communicate with your audience. You can use multiple news websites, press releases, and popular blogs related to your industry. Even big companies are also employing these strategies to build an online reputation.

Many times this strategy works well to remove the negative opinions for a product or service. You can make this marketing approach at a meagre cost or free by identifying the new journalists in the industry or new websites searching for content for their websites.

#9. Referral Program Marketing

It’s a marketing strategy that motivates your existing customers to recommend others. The conversion rate is also high for this marketing tactic because people trust the person who was the referrer. Referral programs generate leads for small businesses or startups to acquire new customers. It is a low investment marketing scheme with high returns.

Creating a well-planned program that benefits your customers in the form of some rewards or coupons encourages people to share it with their families, friends and colleagues. The best examples are Google Pay and PhonePe; these brands started giving cashback in every new transaction. Hence the apps gained a lot of installation in a brief period.

#10. Influencers Marketing

With the rise of different social media applications, the number of influencers is rising from all over the countries with a considerable following base that impacts their buying decisions.

There are influencers in every marketing niche which you can hire to promote your business.

Many websites also provide an influencers database and choose options to select your favourite influencers to work for you. 

More than 76% of social media users trust their favourite influencer instead of a celebrity. YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are the top platforms that have a vast audience base.

Many Indian brands prefer Influencers over celebrities to promote their products because of the trust factor, as influencers give the best and honest reviews to their fan base and real-life experience by using it.

Notably, 86% of women buy from their favourite influencers affiliate links or their discount coupons. Moreover, beauty brands prefer real faces to share their real experience to capture new markets.

For example, the financial application Groww, which allows users to invest in the stock market and mutual funds, hires many YouTubers to promote their audience, which brings millions of app downloads within a few months.


After reading the article, we briefly introduce Ten unique marketing strategies that we can learn from our favourite brands. Any business owner implements these marketing strategies, don’t worry, it will not costs you that much as you are thinking. These strategies are well performed by the brands and achieved their marketing goals.

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